Shop Local, Support Local, Stay Local

Small businesses truly are the backbone of the United States. There are more than 28 million of us that since 1995 have created more than 66% of the new jobs.

So what are the key reasons why you should shop with a local small business?

We Give Back More To The Local Community

When you shop small, you are helping to support your town or city and the local neighborhood. You are not only supporting your town or city through sales taxes that are collected and passed on to local government to provide essential services like education, police, fire and many other services that make up vibrant communities, but you also are supporting businesses that historically give more to their local communities.

1600 Spruce St. Interior Design & Home recently made a donation to the local Habitat for Humanity of $140,000 of furniture and equipment (wholesale cost) when we downsized our business. We are champions of local schools, local sports teams and local non-profits making donations to support their worthy causes.

When you shop with national ecommerce behemoths, invariably the revenue does not stay in the local community and more often than not, there is no support of local organizations that make a real difference in our communities.

An article published by Civil Economics reinforced this point by highlighting that 48% of each purchase is recirculated locally compared to less than 14% of purchases made at chain stores.

We Make A Major Economic Impact

Did you know that since 1990, in excess of 4 million jobs have been eliminated by large businesses?

By contrast, small businesses have created more than 8 million new jobs. The harsh reality is that large businesses are typically held hostage by their board and their obligation to create shareholder value, which includes cutting jobs to maximize profits.

By making it a point to shop local, small businesses, you are enabling more opportunities for more local jobs to be created, which in turn keeps the investment in your local community.

We Strive To Provide Better Service

When you shop with a small business, we value every dollar we make, and provide a more high-touch and memorable customer service.