Collection: Accent & End Tables

Immerse yourself in the world of refined interiors at 1600 Spruce St. Interior Design & Home, where elegance meets functionality in our extensive collection of accent, cocktail, and end tables. Elevate your living space with our carefully curated selection, showcasing pieces that seamlessly blend style and practicality. From eye-catching accent tables to versatile cocktail tables and timeless end tables, our showroom offers a diverse range of designs to suit every taste. While our product listing provides a glimpse into the exquisite options available, it's just the beginning of what we have to offer. If you're in search of the perfect table to complement your decor, rest assured that our collection is not exhaustive. Feel free to reach out to us, and our dedicated team will assist you in finding or customizing the ideal piece to match your unique style and vision. Transform your home into a sanctuary of sophistication with 1600 Spruce St. Interior Design & Home—where your perfect table awaits.